T. 22, S. 4 (2005)

Mục lục

Marine Natural Products and Their Potential Application in the Future Tóm tắt
Minh Van Chau, Kiem Van Phan, Dang Hai Nguyen 297-311
A Comparison of the Push and Pull Production Systems at their Optimal Designs Under the Economic Consideration Tóm tắt
N Chiadamrong, P Kohly 313-330
Black and White Lahar as Inorganic Support for the Immobilization of Yeast Invertase Tóm tắt
Veronica C Sabularse, Mayrene T Tud, Marivic S Lacsamana, Josefina L Solivas 331-344
Recycled PET for Rice Husk/Polyester Composites Tóm tắt
I Ahmad, DR Abu Baker, SN Mokhilas, A Ramli 345-353
Photocatalytic Removal of Tri- and Hexa-Valent Chromium Ions from Chrome-Electroplating Wastewater Tóm tắt
Puangrat Kajitvichyanukul, Chulaluck Changul 355-362
Suitability of Sago Starch Blended with Acrylamide as an Additive on Handsheets Made from Recycled Pulp Fibers Tóm tắt
Wong Sin Yeng, Paridah Md. Tahir, Liew Kang Chiang 363-369
Studies on Fucoidan and its Production from Vietnamese Brown Seaweeds Tóm tắt
Ly Minh Bui, Buu Quoc Ngo, Nhut Duy Nguyen, Thinh Duc Pham, Van Thi Thanh Tran 371-380